Danielsson Motorsport Virtual, DMSv, was originally founded in 2003 as RossoCorsa Simracing Svezia. In 2008 RossoCorsa joined forces with the Swedish racing team Danielsson Motorsport, run by former Renault F1 test driver Alx Danielsson, to form the virtual wing of a racing team that fielded roadracing (MC), Swedish touringcars STCC, junior touringcars JTCC, V8Supercars "Camaro Cup", Porsche Carrera Cup and virtual racing. 

DMSv drivers have won numerous national and international, individual and team championships in both Simbin sims (GTR/Race), rFactor and iRacing.
In 2012 Alx put Danielsson Motorsport on hold to focus on driving and is about to make his debut in NASCAR. However the virtual wing of DMS is still going strong in national as well as international competition.


John Westerlund

Peter Kull

Fredrik Tackman

Johan Pesula

Christian Waltgård

Roland Ehnström

Björn Elofsson

Robert Öström

Roger Wennström

Tony Gunnarsson

Alx Danielsson

Ludde Andersson

Ola Garmer

Peter Karlsson

Jan Wedin




Richard Trange

Peter Larsson

Rickard Javanainen

Thomas Brewitz

Jonas Lindberg

Björn Andersen

Peter Melin

Micke Frilander

Kenneth Liljeholm

Ove Wadman

Torbjörn Lindau

Dennis Johansen

Sunday the 29th November 2020. Danielsson Motorsport Virtual.